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   Wuxi Homeway Tech Co., Ltd was founded in 2017 and concentrate on the R&D, Production and Marketing of advanced plastic parts. Taking advantage of our R&D we are devoting to the designing of portable dinnings, especially the Pepper Grinder. We brought in the world famous brand of plastic injection machines to produce the durable parts of complicated desinging, fitting with the ceramic cores of high quality, and assemble to be Pepper Grinders. We have a good reputation in Europe, The United States and Southeast Asia where our Pepper Grinders are sold abroad.

    We keep cooperation in European Marketing where we gain the knowledge of the grinder popularity. With the sense close to the end users we design and manufacture the Pepper Grinder of superior quality and up-to-date style, while at the inexpensive price.

   Wuxi Homeway Tech Co., Ltd concentrate on the innovation of designing, work on the first-class quality and merchandize on reliability. We are looking forward to your presence and hope for long-term business with your brilliance.