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The difference and effect of black and white pepper

    First, the difference in processing. Pepper fruit in not fully mature, its skin is green, the fruit picked and placed in boiling water for 5 to 8 minutes, and then put the sun dried or baked with fire, in this process, pepper fruit will slowly shrink and become black, which is black pepper. Black pepper is ground into powder, usually coarsely ground, and becomes black pepper. When the pepper fruits are fully ripe and become bright red, remove the pepper fruits and remove the peels, then dry the seeds left into white pepper. White pepper into powder is white pepper powder, usually ground into fine powder. In addition to white pepper and black pepper, green pepper and red pepper, but the processing method is different.
   Two, the difference between taste and method of use. Black pepper tastes much stronger than white pepper, and it tastes spicy. But black pepper should not be cooked too long, because the black pepper in the volatile substances are more, if cooked too long, the fragrance and spicy will evaporate. Black pepper also has a feature, that is, the higher the temperature, the more strong flavor, so the most suitable for the production of iron dishes, but also suitable for stew, cooking game and make hot pot. White pepper is more delicate and fragrant than black pepper, and its flavor is relatively stable, and it is not easy to dissipate. It is the ideal seasoning for cooking fish and braised dishes.
   Three, the difference in efficacy. Pepper is not only a common condiment, but also has certain medicinal properties, it can play a role in food therapy. But there are black and white pepper, different types suitable for cooking different dishes.